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Totally Unique Rooftop Venue

Jefferson Underground is a party venue in the heart of St Louis City. The Rooftop venue overlooks the historic city.

The decor boasts of Mississippi River folklore combined with ornate handcrafted marble and granite mosaics that glorify the days of Greek Mythology and whimsical icons of celebration.

Venue offers open-sky dining or inside for inclement weather, or both! Amenities include wet bar area, catering facility, dance floor, grand stage and open-hearth, stone fireplace. Facilities can comfortably accommodate parties of 50 to 250 people.

We lit the fireplace for you!

Open Hearth Fireplace on Rooftop

The Jefferson Underground rooftop is incredible at night! (Even on cold nights!)
The open-hearth fireplace puts out some heat and keeps you warm.
Great place for people to gather during a party!


Jefferson Underground doesn't Pigeon Hole our Guests!

Jefferson Underground lets you choose who you want to provide your beverages and food; however, they can provide many suggestions. Other venues capitalize on your needs and makes you pick from their menu just to cover the over-head of their facilities.

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